Lady of Light
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Galadriel, the Lady of Lorien

It Is I!


…You already know me, you say? And your friends?

Oh. They know me too. *humph* WELL THEN JUST FOR SPITE:


I have finally returned to reinstate myself as:

1. Naughty Buisness Secretary, Treasurer and President of the Fellowship of the Ring

2. Keeper of fine things and hater of crumpets

3. Shenanigans causer

4. Sexy time abuser

and of course 5. The Best and Prettiest

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Love and Cuddles,

Legolas Greenleaf

Fairest and Mightiest objects most mightily.

Go back to school, Lolacakes. You should get a degree to make your father proud.

*sighs* yes...he has been plauging my thoughts as of late, but worry not, nothing he has said has gotten to me. I only wish for you to be safe and unharmed.

*nods and squeezes your hand reassuringly* Uuma dela. Alasse and I have much to do here with the wounded. Just… be careful, heruamin, saes. *kisses you gently* You’re all ready.

*says nothing for a moment while I continue to put the armour on* Is there really any point in objecting...? I would prefer for you to stay here, but I know that you will do what you think you should in the end. I will do my best to protect you if you do choose to come with.

*stops for a moment and looks intently at you* Celeborn… what are you thinking, that you are not telling me…? I feel as though something is off… *frowns* He… has he been talking with you? 

They are nothing, really. But we must be swift in tending to them, because I am needed upon the battle field once more, and that armour is rather difficult to put back on.

Uuma, dela, I am almost done. *finishes tying the bandages before helping him put the shirt back on* I could go with you, heruamin… I have done my share of fighting in the past… *begins to hand you armour pieces and help buckle it*

… Mirkwood is properly named. I cannot see the sun for all the trees.






No wonder Thranduil has a bad complexion.

That’s not the only thing that’s bad.

And welcome to you both. 

If you are injured, let me know, so I may look over your wounds, Thranduil.

#just gonna ignore the jibes #here to heal after all

Ignore the jibs? You are the one who has come into my home insulting me. Thanks for all the support before I go fight Sauron.

Amin hiraetha.

*shrugs* I have been better, but I have definitely been far worse. It doesn't seem so bad now that a'maelamin is here with me..*smirks* I have only a few wounds on my arms, at least those are the only ones that I am aware of.

*kisses you softly before helping you out of your shirt* You would be wise not to dismiss them so lightly, even if I am here, melamin. *carefully starts to apply herbs and bandage your wounds*

*casually walks over to you and begins to take off my armor* Things have let up for the night, at least for the can check me over now, if you'd like.

*finishes mixing the herbs before coming over to you and helping you with your armour, and giving you a concerned look* How are you faring, heruamin? Where have you been injured? *gently massages your shoulders in between helping with your armour*